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This is a place for you to explore the ‘big questions.’

Maybe you want a clear picture of your destination, and a route to get there. Maybe you have a deep desire to know why you are here--your life purpose--and are frustrated by uncertainty. Maybe you need permission to explore your creative self, even when that doesn’t seem totally ‘productive.’ Or maybe you’re engaged in a battle with your clutter, and could use some support.

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These are the questions that engage me, too.

Answering these basic, soul- and life-level questions can be challenging, because it means digging deeply, looking honestly, and responding vulnerably. Having a partner to accompany you makes all the difference.

I’m Donna, hand analyst and creative clarity coach. I invite you to experience a gentle, supportive  process of exploring your own answers, using science-based hand analysis and creative clarity coaching.

Donna Handprint

Hand Analysis

Hand analysis is the most straightforward, objective way there is to learn about who you are and why you are here.

Decoding your unique hand and fingerprint patterns gives you the insights you need to create your most purposeful, joy-filled life.